Southern Circuit


The National parks of southern Tanzania have earned a reputaion, the best secret on the african safaris ciruit. The remote location limited bedspace and boundless bushes ensure that the safari experince of Tanzania’s southern land, remain the true and unadultrerated variety.


Mikumi National Park

This relatively small (3230 sq km) National Park lies 300 km west of Dar-es-Salaam and is the closest park to the capital. It is nestled between the Uruguru mountains to the East and the Rift Valley escarpments to the Southwest. As it is close to the Selous ecosystem and therefor part of it, it benefits from the highest game density of the entire conservation area, while it is easily to access. Although less spectacular regarding Flora and Fauna, the Mikumi national park obtains a good impression of the African animal world and is suitable very well for a short visit.


Selous Game Reserve

With an area of 54,600km, the Selous Game Reserve is Africa’s largest wildlife reserve and Tanzania’s most extensive protected area. It has an enormous game wealth sheltering   elephants, buffalos, the strongest herds of hippos on the continent, crocodiles, wild dogs, lions, leopards, wart pigs, gnus, zebras, Impalas, Elen, antelopes, some gepards, and 350 species of birds have been recorded in this place.


Udzungwa Mountain National Park

Known for its mountainous terrain, Udzungwa Mountains National Park is one of Tanzania’s most outstanding, pristine, paradise and unique exciting wilderness mountains forested with greatest latitudinal range of forest. The Udzungwa Mountain National Park, which is 1990 square kilometers, is the first terrestrial national park in Tanzania. It is well known for its biologically diverse forest with approximately 20 – 30% out of 200 animals and plant species that grow here not found anywhere in the world. Still it is really beautiful place for hiking.


Ruaha National Park

Ruaha is an astonishing park which offers a fascinating variety of landscapes and un touched nature. Ruaha, at 10,300sq km, is a naturalist’s paradise which provides even the most experienced travelers with something new. The undulating topography, glorious river and majestic trees combine to produce one of Africa’s most captivating landscapes. Situated in central Tanzania, the Ruaha National Park is the second biggest park in Tanzania.


Kitulo Plateau National Park

Kitulo which has recently become a fully protected national Park, is situated on the Kitulo Plateau, which forms part of Tanzania’s southern highlands. The area, which is known locally as the “GARDEN OF GOD” provides as home for a wide variety of wildflowers (over 350 species of plants documented to date) such us balsams, bellflowers, honey-peas, irises, lilies and orchids.

The plateau is also home to some important bird species including endangered blue swallow, Denham’s, bustard, mountain marsh widow, Njombe cisticola and Kiperenge seedeater. Some of the world’s rarest butterflies also inhabit in he area along with chameleon, lizard, frogs, and few hardy redbuck and eland.

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